Monday, December 19, 2016

5 Tips for Using Social Media Over the Holidays

With Thanksgiving under their belts, many businesses have been working toward maximizing their brands for the upcoming weekend and New Year’s holiday. Since 2016 is winding down, it can be tempting to take a step back and prepare for the upcoming months. Although it does make sense to look ahead, don’t forget to be active during one of the busiest times of the year!

Your Better Business Bureau has 5 tips to help market your business over the holidays:

  1. Think about emotions. This time of year brings up many feelings, both good and sometimes sad. Try emulating happiness with positive words and phrasing to show how the holidays are a time of compassion and giving. Offer gentle encouragement for starting New Year’s resolutions through GIFs or videos to highlight that your brand is connected and caring. A little humor never hurts either!
  2. Remember to schedule posts. Scheduling posts in advance is a great tool to ensure that your social media channels are just as active as you are. Don’t be afraid to share similar content across multiple social media platforms, just make sure to put a fresh twist on each post.
  3. Be present. While businesses may slow down during the next couple of weeks, your followers will still be checking their social media feeds. Many people take time off during the holidays and will have even more downtime than normal. This time of year is a great opportunity to post fresh content and interact with your followers.
  4. Give profiles a festive makeover. Add a simple bow or holiday theme to your logo or social media profile pictures. You can even upload a spirited cover photo. Small changes will show your customers you’re just as excited about the holiday season as they are.
  5. Get involved with your community. Getting involved with local charities is a great and natural way to share content with your followers. You can populate your social media platforms with pictures or “go live”.

Be yourself, stay true to your brand, and embrace the upcoming excitement to show your followers the true meaning of the season: warmth and generosity.

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This post was written by your BBB Serving Central Ohio's Content & Communications Coordinator, Jordan Abbruzzese.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

4 Ways to Increase Shares and 'Likes'

Consumer engagement across social media channels can be challenging and frustrating. How do you get retweets, or reach 50 likes on that really cool Facebook post? Businesses, both large and small, post relevant and interesting content with hopes of connecting with customers but may not see the results they’re looking for. So what can you do? reports that “understanding the psychology of shareable content is crucial to succeeding in online marketing.” You have to ask yourself what is going to make your consumers click like or share your posts. The answer to more shares and likes might be thinking of each post as an emotional experience for your consumers.

How exactly do you evoke an emotional response from your followers? Here are 4 tips from your BBB:

1. Give your followers something they can relate to. Social media channels are a great way to make your brand known, but you should also create relatable content. Consider a post about an upcoming community or sporting event, a pet photo, or a fun fact about how your business was started.

2. Make a social connection. Do you share certain articles or videos with friends simply because you know they will enjoy them? Think of your social media followers the same way. Learn about your audience's interests, and cater your posts to things that will make them smile or think!

3. Create positive content. There are often sad stories or news clips flooding our social media channels. It’s easy to concentrate on the bad, when your followers really want to hear about the good! Various studies have shown that many social media users like to share content that will bring joy and happiness to others. Associate positivity with your brand.

4. Be the expert. Advice and ways to solve problems are definitely shareable. Do you have tips or facts you can give specifically about your industry? Make it known and help your followers out - and chances are, they will want to learn more!

One of the biggest key things to remember is to be interactive with your readers. Make it apparent that you care about their interests and needs. Forming a connection with your audience will most likely encourage them to show their own friends and family just how valuable you are!

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This post was written by your BBB Serving Central Ohio's Content & Communications Coordinator, Jordan Abbruzzese.