Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Is Your Work Culture Ready For 2017?

It’s the new year, and many employees are probably planning out their resolutions. They could be looking to make some changes, which means that your work culture may deserve a slight make-over as well.

New research suggests that letting your employees have more fun around the office could make them better at their jobs. Think back to your school days, and classrooms that had a relaxed, enjoyable environment. Was it easier for your teacher to teach interesting and engaging topics as opposed to a strict environment where you sat silently at your desk?

The research finds that it may not be the fun activities specifically helping your employees be better, but the resulting atmosphere.

Naturally, office culture should be clear and concise to begin with. Employees must know your mission, brand and how they fit in as a part of the team.

But if you’re looking to make some fun changes for your staff to help give 2017 a different vibe, consider some of these BBB tips:

  • Help employees feel valued. Be sure that each member of your team knows their role and how they can work to positively help reach your business's goals. It may be useful to have each team member assess their responsibilities to keep everyone on track for the near year.
  • Promote openness. Employees who harbor negative feelings or are scared to come forward with any issues will harm your work culture. Establish open communication so that everyone feels comfortable having their voices heard. Periodic reviews or check-ins may also be beneficial so that employees can be motivated by both praise and constructive feedback.
  • Have clear leadership. Respect in the workplace should be a two-way street, with staff and leaders both respecting each other. Strong leaders will help teams effectively accomplish goals, therefore creating good morale and a sense of accomplishment. Leaders can also help make sure that all members of the team are included and generally happy.
  • Consider small rewards. A raise may not be in your budget, but there are other ways to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work. A $5 gift card to a local coffee place, a thank-you card, being allowed to work from home one day a week or an extra paid day off are all simple ways to show your appreciation.
  • Create a “Fun Committee”. The committee may plan small parties, themed days or even get everyone a small snack as a surprise during a stressful week. If you don’t have the environment or resources for such a group, see if a staff member will volunteer to initiate periodic group lunches, happy hours or a bowling night.

Small businesses rely heavily on a dedicated team. Thinking of creative ways to help your staff let loose every once in awhile will only motivate them to continue working hard!

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This post was written by your BBB Serving Central Ohio's Content & Communications Coordinator, Jordan Abbruzzese.